Start The Week -
A photo series/mobile exhibition; focusing on a commonality almost all of us share - where we physically start our week. Looking in to the most personal of spaces, documenting in the most natural circumstances. The images are almost fine art photography, presented usually in exhibition style, but this can be changed each time the exhibit is installed, also comes with storage box.

Questions in exhibit plaque
‘Look at this collection of beds - the most personal of spaces. A place where the most intimate moments occur, now they are empty, their occupiers away.

Who are those people? What are they doing now? Do they work in an office or an art studio or not at all? Do they have a family? Did they brush their teeth this morning? Were they running late? Did they set an alarm? Is today the day of their ‘big interview’? What’d they have for breakfast? Do they believe in climate change? Do they have a pet? Did they vote leave or remain? Are they even an adult? What’s their favourite colour? How old are they? How many friends do they have? What is their favourite TV show? Do they like to cook? Have they gone on holiday? What’s their biggest fear?

For every bed in the country there is someone that can answer those questions.’